Dead 27s Bring in the Rock n' Roll Blues


The Dead 27s are a riot filled band that hail from South Carolina. They carry the vein of Bluesy Rock n' Roll that is brought to life with their latest release, "Chase Your Devils Down." Made up Trey Francis (vocals), Wallace Mullinax (guitar, harmonies), Will Evans (guitar, synth, harmonies), Oliver Goldsteinn (bass) and Daniel Crider (drums, harmonies). Together the group creates a brilliant record for the masses with sonic-driven guitars and swirls of musical explosions that will please your ears. 

"Chase Your Devils Down," is the band's recent EP, and the word on the street is that our ears will be treated to a full-length as well. The group pushes the musical boundaries of various genres, to create a unique tone all of their own. Their knack for writing brilliant songs resonate throughout the record in such tracks as "Don't Comfort Me," and "Let Your Mind Go," which shine with prominent guitars and heavy melodic tones. Throughout the record the group blends stunning vocals harmonies, that give the EP a good ol' Southern Rock feel; a dose of nostalgia with a twist if you will. 

In "Chase Your Devils Down," the group sets out on a mission; to rock and rock hard. While they blend elements of the Blues that also weave around the record, Dead 27s skillfully craft each piece with compassion and musical passion. The band also explores subjects of love, life and daily struggles, making music that will certainly resonate a chord with many. Also known for their incredible live shows, the band brings equal amount of energy to the stage, as you can feel their music in your bones. 

I can't wait to see what the new full length brings; our ears are in for a treat.